Thursday, February 25, 2021

LIVING ON $6 MILLION A YEAR – Reacting To Meet Kevin

Reacting to a millionaire couple making $6 million a year and living in California (Meet Kevin)

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This is our reaction to Kevin and Lauren Paffrath living in Ventura, California, and earning $6 million a year from Kevin’s YouTube channel @Meet Kevin, his affiliate programs, course sales, and their real estate business.

From CNBC:

In 2017, Kevin Paffrath’s dream was to earn over $1 million a year from The Paffrath Organization, the real estate business he owns with his wife, Lauren, in Ventura, California.

In 2020, the couple earned $1.075 million in May alone. “It was absolutely surreal,” says Lauren, 30, of the moment they crossed into the seven-figure-a-month territory.

But the bulk of their income isn’t coming from real estate transactions or rental income. The couple makes money through Kevin’s YouTube channel, Meet Kevin, which he started posting to regularly in 2018, as well as numerous affiliate programs. While they don’t bring in seven figures every month — they earned $721,474 in September 2020 — they’re on track to earn more than $6 million total this year.

While some of their success can be attributed to good luck, they’ve also put in countless hours to get where they are today. As his YouTube channel became increasingly lucrative, Kevin, 28, began dedicating more and more time to creating content, including getting up before the sun to make several videos a day.

Kevin typically works 12 hours a day, from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. but reserves his evenings for family time. “The goal is to have a drop-dead deadline of 5 p.m. to just hang out with the kids,” he says.

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