‘A government shutdown would stop us in our tracks,’ U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg says

With a new year comes new hurdles for Congress, including avoiding another potential government shutdown. While US aviation agencies have made much progress, and US airlines were able to handle the 2023 holiday rush, that could all come to a halt if Congress cannot come to a consensus, or if new regime takes over in 2025 and makes major changes to federal policy.
US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg sits down with Yahoo Finance Executive Editor Brian Sozzi to discuss the potential for a government shutdown and the impact it will have for transportation across the US.
Buttigieg explains how a shutdown could thwart efforts to expand the number of people working as air traffic controllers, saying it would “stop us in our tracks.” The Secretary says that preparing for the last shutdown threat “cost a lot of time, and effort, and energy, and money just getting ready for the possibility of that.”
The 2024 race for the White House is starting to heat up. If former President Trump were to win, there is a possibility he could gut some tax credits for EVs. Buttigieg says of that possibility: “A radical policy shift like that would dramatically undermine the American auto industry, at the very moment when there have been so many gains in a made-in-America EV revolution, under the Biden-Harris administration. The reality is former President Trump allowed China to build a major advantage in EV batteries and EV manufacturing at the very moment when it began to become obvious that EVs are going to be the future and that we can’t keep people trapped in gas cars any more than you can keep phone users trapped on land lines for the next hundred years.”
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