Fed rate cuts in 2024 seem, ‘a little aggressive,’ strategist says

Stocks are celebrating an early Santa Claus rally — and it’s not even December yet — as investors feel more at ease buying back into the market as inflation cools and the Federal Reserve is signaling its intentions to cut interest rates in 2023. Now, questions are popping up over whether this rally is sustainable well into 2024.
US Bank Wealth Management Senior Investment Strategist Rob Haworth joins Yahoo Finance to share forecasts on his favored sectors of the market during this rally and what the market may look like in 2024.
“There is certainly some value that’s arisen in the market as we take a look into 2024, we’ve seen utilities, defensive companies, financials, healthcare, a lot of sectors outside of those gross sectors like technology and communication services which have been left behind and may have some catch up to do in 2024,” Haworth explains. “But, it’s hard in the long-term to discount those growth-oriented companies because this is an economy where fast is getting faster.”
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