How recessions have predicted presidential elections

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As 2023 wraps up, investors are looking ahead to 2024 and how the presidential election will impact the market. As part of Yahoo Finance’s 2024 Investor Guide, LPL Financial Chief Equity Strategist Jeff Buchbinder joins Yahoo Finance to discuss how the 2024 presidential election may impact the market and how recessions have called previous elections. “We expect gains next year. That would be consistent with the historical pattern,” Buchbinder says. “The economy is really the biggest driver… of not just how elections turn out but how markets do… If we continue to have surprises on the U.S. economy, like we’ve had in 2023, then no doubt this market could do… quite a bit better than that historical average.” “The recession is actually a perfect 17 for 17 calling elections,” Buchbinder explains. “If you have a recession in the two years leading up to a presidential election, the incumbent loses. If you don’t, the incumbent wins.” For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Yahoo Finance Live.

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