Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ:RIVN) isn’t a darling of the financial markets now. However, there’s still a strong bull case for RIVN stock. New EV technology will drive Rivian’s future growth, and risk-tolerant investors can consider a share position now.

Rivian Automotive isn’t the biggest or most famous EV maker around. Yet, the company continues to set ambitious goals for itself. For instance, Rivian had an objective of producing 25,000 vehicles last year and came fairly close when it actually produced 24,337 vehicles.

Frankly, you just never know what Rivian Automotive might do next. The company is moving forward with an electric bike business, which could provide a new revenue stream. What else is this disruptive automaker up to lately? Keep reading as we delve further into Rivian’s relentless spirit of EV-industry innovation.

Rivian’s New Electric Drive Unit Could Be a Game-Changer

While it’s not mentioned on Rivian Automotive’s investor relations news page, the company has been developing technology that could make waves in the EV space. We’re not talking about a new vehicle model but rather a next-generation electric drive unit.

Rivian’s tweet and embedded video provide more details on this development. The company states, “We went from four walls to start of production on our new drive unit line in 5 months.”

The tweet continues, “Designing and manufacturing these motors fully in-house enables us to speed production and introduce Dual-Motor AWD, while simultaneously continuing to ramp Quad-Motor AWD production.” Thus, Rivian is making progress toward bringing these drive units to market.

Rivian Automotive founder and CEO R. J. Scaringe published a tweet of his own, declaring that his company is “Ramping production of our new Enduro drive unit for our Dual-Motor R1 vehicles!” A photo of the production line accompanied the CEO’s tweet, which has been viewed over 200,000 times.

Patent Suggests Rivian May Be Developing New EV Cooling Method

Meanwhile, Rivian Automotive appears to be developing an EV cooling system that you might never have thought of. Reportedly, Rivian has patented with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office an EV charger cooling system that can cool a vehicle’s battery while also potentially increasing its charging speed.

Evidently, a problem with current EV battery systems is that they can get very hot during the charging process. This can cause problems when it comes to charging time, battery longevity and even fire hazards.

Consider, then, the possibility of a cooling system that could regulate a vehicle battery’s internal temperature. It’s not currently established how much this would speed up an EV’s charge time. Still, it’s impressive that Rivian Automotive is getting a jump-start on this type of technology with a U.S. patent.

The Bull Case for RIVN Stock Is Driven by Innovation

If you’re looking for reasons to invest right now in Rivian Automotive, don’t get bogged down in financial statements. Instead, check out what Rivian’s been up to lately as the automaker advances technology that could upend the EV market as we know it.

Granted, there are risks involved if you’re investing in a market disruptor like Rivian Automotive. However, if you can handle some volatility, consider purchasing a few shares of RIVN stock for a buy-and-hold position.

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