Buy Nvidia, skip GraniteShares Founder and CEO Will Rhind discusses

In this edition of Yahoo Finance’s Good Buy or Goodbye, senior reporter Jared Blikre is joined by GraniteShares Founder and CEO Will Rhind to discuss the AI boom of 2023 — focusing on Nvidia (NVDA) as a standout performer and the challenges that artificial intelligence developers such as (AI) faced.
Nvidia — whose stock is up 240% year-to-date — has consistently beat earnings expectations throughout 2023. Rhind praises Nvidia and encourages investment into the chipmaker, stating: “It’s captured that zeitgeist for any investor looking to get exposure to AI.” Rhind does warn of risks, however, highlighting “the political element” tied to the United States’ export controls on semiconductor shipments to China.
On the other hand, — up 188% year-to-date — Rhind believes “this company has not lived up the the hype,” noting weak revenue guidance and its inability to efficiently leverage the AI boom.
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