Former PayPal CEO Dan Schulman discusses the key to successful leadership

Dan Schulman has led some of the most iconic companies in consumer finance, telecommunication, and e-commerce, including PayPal (PYPL), AT&T (T), Virgin Mobile, Priceline, and American Express (AXP), with game-changing innovation and bold risk taking. In this episode of Yahoo Finance’s Lead This Way, the former PayPal CEO and President shares the values that have driven his decision making as CEO of several of the world’s most iconic businesses. Recognizing that employees are essential to a company’s success, Schulman put in place an extensive program at PayPal that prioritized their financial wellness. Mentored through a tradition that business can be a force for good in society, Schulman has taken principled stands on critical social issues and has led with purpose, compassion and authenticity, while more than tripling the annual revenue of PayPal during his nine years as CEO. The outgoing PayPal CEO and President sat down with Yahoo Finance Executive Editor Brian Sozzi at PayPal headquarters in New York City to share his vision for what makes a good leader. Central to his approach are an adherence to four key attributes: being humble, generous, authentic, and bold. Schulman sums it up by saying, “You have to have the confidence to make difficult decisions.” Schulman’s storied history as an executive began in the late 1990s as President of AT&T’s Consumer Division, which subsequently led to CEO positions at Priceline and Virgin Mobile. He was President of Enterprise Growth at American Express before taking the helm at PayPal, from which he resigned in September of 2023. Lead This Way is a new series that features big interviews with the business leaders shaping our world today. In these one-on-one conversations, we reveal how their approach to leadership helped them become Wall Street titans.
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