How AI can revolutionize hiring with Workday Co-CEO

Many companies use Workday (WDAY) platforms to aid in recruitment and the hiring process. This is another use case for AI in which a process and product can be enhanced with its adoption.
Workday Co-CEO Carl Eschenbach joins Yahoo Finance Anchors Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to discuss how AI can advance the management software company’s service and help both businesses and prospective employees in landing a job and, eventually, a promotion.
“We have taken a very measured and metered approach to talking about how we’re going to price AI.W we fundamentally believe our customers pay us a subscription fee every year, they pay us an innovation index uplift each year for driving and helping us continue to innovate,” Eschenbach says on product pricing. “We have not come to market like a lot of others and said, ‘We’re going to raise our prices by 30% or some percentage just because we have AI now in our platform.’ We’ve been doing AI for more than a decade, so this isn’t new to us, and we think our customers are entitled to innovation, so we are not rushing to market with a new pricing model.”
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