How to Profit From the Intelligence Age With AI Stocks


Editor’s note: “How to Profit From the Intelligence Age With AI Stocks” was previously published in March 2023. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available.

In life, everyone’s always telling us to have a “safety plan” – or a plan to fall back on. 

But the great Denzel Washington once said that he never understood that concept. In a commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania, Washington famously said:

“If I’m going to fall, I don’t want to fall back on anything… I want to fall forward. At least that way I’ll see what I’m about to hit…

Reggie Jackson struck out 2,600 times in his career – the most in the history of baseball. But you don’t hear about the strikeouts. People remember the home runs. 

Fall forward.

Thomas Edison conducted 1,000 failed experiments. Did you know that? I didn’t either – because No. 1,001 was the light bulb. 

Fall forward. 

Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. You’ve got to take risks.

As an investor here in early 2023, I can’t help but think about that quote.

Investors lost a lot of money last year. It was the roughest stock market since 2008. In fact, by most metrics, it was one of the most brutal markets ever. Stocks were killed. Bonds were pummeled. Portfolios were eviscerated. Some folks’ retirement funds were completely wiped out. 

We all fell down in 2022. 

But tech stocks will come roaring back this year. Specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) stocks…

A History-Making AI Revolution

I want you to stop and think about data for a moment – think about the data that’s being collected all around. In fact, almost everything that we do today is creating data for a company somewhere. Here’s the truth: A data-driven company is more likely to hit its earnings targets than a non-data company. Like it or not, we all live in the Intelligence Age. 

Guess what’s incredibly good at sifting through the zetabytes of data we collectively generate? Artificial intelligence.

I’ve talked about this being the “iPhone Moment” for AI, and I absolutely meant that. Much like the internet, AI has been around for a while. And like the world wide web, which launched publicly in 1993, artificial intelligence has been in your phones, in your smart home ecosystem, and even in your favorite streaming service (how else do you think it knows you so well?)

For AI, that “iPhone Moment” was the emergence of ChatGPT. It’s all about accessibility, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT made that possible, exploding to 100 million users faster than any consumer application technology ever. 

And we’re already seeing AI used in focused ways that nobody dreamed of even a year ago. The specific AI application that I’m talking about is AI-as-a-service (AIaaS). Thanks to major advancements in technology, we no longer need to process mass amounts of data locally. We can just source it to the cloud. Have you ever used one of those AI face apps? Then you’ve used AIaaS. 

That’s just the beginning, as some researchers believe we’ll be using 8.4 billion AI-powered voice assistants as early as next year. Talk about an explosion! 

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface of the possibilities in this new economy – and in AI stocks. 

The Final Word on AI Stocks

Some might say that we’ve got our heads in the clouds. Fair. They’re realists. And right now, the market is coming off a no-good, awful, terrible year for early stage trends and companies. Are we going to repeat our mistakes in 2023?

Are we going to fall backward or fall forward?

Will we stop swinging altogether, or perfect our swing and hit a home run?

Will we quit after 1,000 experiments, or push forward and invent the light bulb?

If you want to fall backward, I totally get it. It’s the natural human response to play a little defense after a stock market crash. 

But if you want to fall forward, you may just fall into the biggest investment opportunity of your lifetime. 

That’s because, amid the stock market chaos of the past 12 months, one emerging technology – artificial intelligence – made nothing short of a quantum leap forward. Now, as evidenced by the breakthrough success of  ChatGPT, AI is ready to change the world. 

Fall forward in 2023, and you may just fall into some generational AI stocks that soar thousands of percent over the next few years. 

That’s not pie-in-the-sky thinking. Our bullishness on AI is based on our team’s thorough analyses of the entire AI market, including company fundamentals and near-term technicals. And now that a Fed pause is on deck, tech stocks – especially AI stocks – could be in for a monster rally.

Are you ready to fall forward with me?

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.