The Man Behind GaryVee’s TikTok Growth AND Alex Hormozi’s Content Strategy | Caleb Ralston

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In this episode I talk with Caleb Ralston who worked with Gary Vaynerchuk between 2018 and 2020 and who recently was hired by Alex and Leila Hormozi to run their content.

Caleb was initially editing and shooting Gary’s daily vlog, but when Gary started going hard on TikTok he asked him to own the strategy and content creation for the platform and Caleb took Gary’s TikTok account from 300,000 followers to 1.5M.

Today, Caleb just started working with Alex and Leila Hormozi as their Creative Director, which means he’ll be leading the content strategy and building a content team around them.

0:00 – Who is Caleb Ralston?
1:00 – How Caleb got a job with Gary Vaynerchuk
5:00 – Caleb’s work at PureWow
7:15 – Getting a job at Team GaryVee
9:50 – Caleb on reaching out to GaryVee
10:55 – Caleb’s email to D-Rock
12:30 – D-Rock contacts Caleb
15:00 – VaynerX job interview
16:25 – Test videos for PureWow
20:20 – Hilarious first week at Team GaryVee
23:39 – First meeting with Gary
27:08 – First work for Gary
29:00 – What it’s like to work for Gary
33:20 – About Team GaryVee
34:50 – How Team GaryVee Collaborates
39:00 – How Team GaryVee creates content
40:20 – Story behind Gary’s blueberry clip
41:00 – Roles at Team GaryVee
41:47 – Caleb on managing Gary’s TikTok
45:45 – Gary’s busy schedule
47:20 – Biggest lessons working with GaryVee
52:40 – Quitting Team GaryVee
53:26 – Work at VaynerMedia
56:15 – Work at Constallation Brands
57:30 – How Caleb got a job with Alex Hormozi
1:00:26 – Working as Alex Hormozi’s Creative Director
1:02:50 – Gary’s Advice to Caleb Working with Alex Hormozi
1:04:26 – Difference between Alex Hormozi and Garyvee
1:07:58 – Team behind Alex Hormozi – Hiring!
1:10:00 – Work behind Alex Hormozi
1:14:24 – Leila Hormozi’s A+ Onboarding Experience
1:16:44 – 12 month Vision for Alex Hormozi’s Content
1:23:30 – How to get your dream job?
1:27:27 – Outro

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👉 Ryan Holiday who apprenticed under Robert Greene

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